“Healthy” Things You Should Stop Doing

“Healthy” Things You Should Stop Doing

Jun 22, 2018

Engaging in healthy activities isn’t always easy. One day you are told to do something that’s beneficial for your health, the next day you’re told the opposite. It’s hard to navigate the world of health but kudos to you for trying. Here are a few things we’ve been told over the years to do that turn out to not be so good for us:

  • Doing Sit-Ups: While getting exercise is critical to your overall health, some exercises are definitely better than others. Although trying to strengthen your core muscles is admirable, full sit-ups can actually be doing more harm to you than good. When you are doing a sit-up, there is a lot of spinal flexion that happens. This spinal flexion through the lower back places considerable amount of pressure on the discs that sit between the vertebrae and can actually lead to developing low back pain and disc herniations! I generally recommend doing abdominal curls which involve keeping your back straight and only barely bringing your shoulder blades off the ground.
  • Washing Your Chicken: You often see this as the first step in cookbooks. However, stop it! This is a practice that Health Canada is actually warning people against. Washing chicken does nothing to remove the harmful bacteria (which are destroyed if cooked properly) and actually just spreads them around your kitchen! When the water hits the chicken it can splash and become an aerosol which can carry the bacteria out of the sink. It only takes a minute amount of bacteria from uncooked chicken to make you very sick. Don’t worry about this being an important step in a recipe, it’s not.
  • Using Anti-Bacterial Soap: The main mechanism of action of soap is to trap harmful bacteria in the lather so it can be rinsed off. It is not intended to actually destroy the bacteria. Anti-bacterial soap has never actually been shown to be superior to regular soap when cleaning our hands but what it does do is destroy perfectly good bacteria that lives on our skin. Even worse, it can be helping to create antibiotic-resistant super bugs! Sticking to conventional soap is far more preferable.
  • Juicing: While there’s nothing quite like a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, it should be looked at for what it is, a treat. The problem with fruit juices is that extracting it removes all the healthy fibre. What you’re left with is essentially a glass of fruit-flavoured sugar water. Eating fruit whole maintains that fibre which buffers the sugar in our body. Without it, juice is no healthier for you than a glass of pop.
  • Going On a Cleanse: While it may make sense that every once in a while we should take a break to get rid of the toxins in our body, the fault in that thinking is that there is absolutely no need to. The idea of a “toxin” that needs to be removed from our body is a wishy-washy one. For starters, nobody who sells cleanses can actually identify what a toxin is. As well, and even more importantly, we have incredibly efficient organs which do just that every second of every day. The best way to encourage them to work well are eat right, drink plenty of fluids, exercise regularly and get your sleep.

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