6 Tips for a Healthy Back This Winter

6 Tips for a Healthy Back This Winter

Dec 01, 2016

Old man winter is back! Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys the sight of freshly fallen snow blanketing the world around you or the type that shudders with disgust and marks down the days until April, winter is here and that means snow. Whether you love or hate that freshly fallen snow, you have to shovel it. So whatever your attitude towards winter is, at least have a positive attitude towards your health and follow these tips to help keep you standing up straight come Spring time:

Warm up before you start: Just like you would warm up before any other activity, shoveling the snow will be the safest if your body is warm

Stay hydrated: Just because you may not feel like you are losing as much water as you would in the hot days of summer, your body still does lose a lot of fluids that you must replenish to stay healthy and avoid injury

Push, don’t lift: Lifting requires extra muscular effort and, when done improperly, can significantly increase your risk of injury. Many shovels are designed to plow the snow instead of lift it.

Shovel regularly: Don’t get lazy and wait until you’re 3 feet deep in snow to start clearing your driveway. It’s better for you and your back to shovel small amounts of snow regularly than one massive amount of snow.

Do not twist: Keep your back in an upright neutral position and bend at the knees. Avoid twisting as much as possible.

Get Adjusted!: Regular adjustments along with personalized advice will help keep your back as healthy as possible and help get you through whatever this winter throws at us.

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