Regular Maintenance: the Key to Keeping the Engine Running

Regular Maintenance: the Key to Keeping the Engine Running

Sep 30, 2016

Picture yourself driving along a scenic country road on a beautiful summer day. You have the windows rolled down, your favourite song is playing on the radio and then all of a sudden you hear a horrible noise coming from underneath the hood. It’s startling and painful to hear and you want to pretend you don’t hear it but you can’t. You have a decision to make. You need to deal with that noise and you have a few options:

a. Take the car to the garage: The mechanic can take a look at the engine, find the problem, fix the problem and then send you on your way.

b. Turn the radio up: Can’t hear that noise anymore so the problem must be gone right?

c. Take your car home, park it in the garage and never use it again: Sure it’s not making that noise anymore but now you don’t have a car!

Now imagine that car you were driving was a beautiful Ferrari. Would that change the way you dealt with that noise? Would you wait until a problem arose before taking the car to the garage or would you opt for the more pro-active approach and take it in for regular maintenance care so you don’t run into this problem? I know how I would answer that. If I can avoid a major problem by taking preventative steps I will and wouldn’t you too? So why do we treat our bodies differently? Sadly, it seems that with our busy lives and our time constraints most of us care more about preventative maintenance for our cars than we do our bodies.

When an injury or pain does come along we have the same choices to make as with our car. We can either see a qualified professional who can diagnose and treat the problem or we can find some way of ignoring it and suffering through. Just like taking your car home and not using it because of the noise, giving up on an activity you love because you’re developing pain isn’t the ideal choice. A chiropractor is a highly trained professional that understands the pathomechanics of musculoskeletal injuries and the rehabilitation that is necessary to return to health.

However, as a chiropractor who has helped many people return from injuries, I highly advise taking a pro-active approach to your health. Sure it’s a no-brainer that when something hurts we appropriately seek help but it is just as important to stay pain-free in the first place. Through functional joint and muscle testing, we can determine what injuries you may be susceptible to and work to ensure they don’t develop. After all, wouldn’t you like to be able to enjoy all those activities you’re looking forward to doing when you retire? Or stay at the top level of your game? Or finally get to all that yard work this weekend that’s been piling up?…ok bad example.

So if you want to stay fit, keep your body in the best shape possible and get the most out of your favourite activities, treat your body like you would that Ferrari. As the old adage says: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

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