Congratulations to Dr. George Hickson

Congratulations to Dr. George Hickson

May 11, 2016

The announcement has been made and Dr. Hickson has decided that it is time to move onto the next stage of life: retirement. Dr. Hickson has been serving the Kitchener/Waterloo community with superb chiropractic care for 30 years and finally decided that it was time to call it a career. We would like to wish Dr. Hickson all the best in retirement and his future endeavours. He knows that Adler Chiropractic and Allied Health will always be there for him when he needs an adjustment!

You may have also noticed a few other changes around the clinic. To start, the name: Adler Chiropractic and Allied Health. The “Adler Chiropractic” is pretty straight-forward. I’m Dr. Daniel Adler and I have taken over for Dr. Hickson and I hope to fill the big shoes he left in delivering quality chiropractic care for you and your family. The “Allied” word may seem strange and you may be wondering what that means. An allied health practitioner is someone other than your family doctor who is part of your circle of care. The list is quite extensive but examples are: chiropractor, physiotherapist, pharmacist, dietitian, nurse practitioner, etc. The reason why that is in the name is because over the next few years, I plan on growing the practice to include a few other related health practitioners. I believe health is a team effort. Just like you can’t win any football game with a team full of quarterbacks, you need a variety of skilled people each filling their part. The goal is to have everyone in the same place to make things convenient, easy, quick and effective. Professional collaboration is the future of healthcare and it’s what I believe in.

We’ve already started growing. We now have a dietitian at the clinic here to help you navigate the world of healthy eating. Healthy eating can be a confusing subject so why go at it alone? The internet is full of people claiming to be experts in the field of nutrition with everybody telling you completely different things. A dietitian is a university educated practitioner who is part of a regulated health profession whose purpose is to guide you through the world of nutrition and provide individualized nutrition advice.

As for what’s not changing, the quality chiropractic care you’ve come to expect. I truly value being your chiropractor and taking care of your family’s chiropractic needs.

The hours will be staying the same for the near future. I hope to expand them as the clinic grows but, rest assured, I will not be decreasing them.

Please drop by any time to say hi or check out our new website for more information at I look forward to continuing the great work that has been going on in this practice for many years and am grateful to be part of your journey to good health.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Daniel Adler

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